We have made it possible to reconstruct databases using the metadatafile and XML-datafiles produced by DEX. The Metadata.xml has enough information to create the tables and restore the connections between them. We are using the XML-datafiles to insert the data into the new tables. Then you will be able to do SQL-queries on the data. 

Presenting the extracted data in a clear and user friendly manner is very important, there is no point in storing information if it's not to be used again in some way.

Our Reconstructed databases have been done on the Hypersonic SQL Database, but we are working on Oracle,  MySQL and SQL Server reconstruction.

Reconstructed Databases:
Uni Micro Lønn og Regnskap (personnel finances) to the RDBMS Hypersonic SQLDB
Forum Sak (document management) to the RDBMS Hypersonic SQLDB
KomTek (management of technical tasks) to the RDBMS  Hypersonic SQLDB